Saturday, February 6, 2010 - Chandelier Collection

Caprilite present its Chandelier Collection of jewellery. The chandelier has become one of man most beautiful art pieces, and the beautiful designs that have developed from the neoclassical chandelier makers for the high class homes, exhibition centers, and ball rooms, has taken influence in another human art form..... fashion.

History of the chandelier

The initial design of chandeliers was made out of necessity providing a simple single appliance that can hold multiple candles to light up a room. As technology and new materials developed neoclassical designers took their over the top, elegant, flamboyant style and created the chandelier as we know it now, long dangling crystals and complex patterns, reflexing light in all directions. The development of crystals combined with the chandelier created lighting illusionary blinging the roof of ballrooms, screaming to be admired. It wasn't long until this design was miniaturized and gorgeous women were allowed to display the beautiful art of the chandelier on their ears.

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